Edi Hoogenboezem

 Ok, first thing I want to say: my English isn't very good... I love animals,nature, Skelanimals and of course Fantasy.I'm a vegetarian and against animal tests. Doing nothing important is what I mostly do. :DMy work: DrawingsI like to draw Fantasy animals an beasts.I don't like to color my drawings using computer programs. SculpturesI use different materials like polymer- or river clay. Amigurumiamiwhat?!Amigurumi is the Japanese art of knitting or crocheting stuffed puppets. FeltI use the needle felt technique to make my work. PlushiesI make plushies and costume accesoiries such as tails.   Check out my blog: umustlikebeasties.wordpress.com/   I like Streetdance, music, Fantasy, animals and nature. Favourite movies The Matrix Favourite books Drawing books and The BoneMagician. Favourite music Coldplay, The Offspring, Heideroosjes, Limb Bizkitz and The Prodigy