Jessica 'K'tathi-Neko' Edstrom

I am not a morning person. XD Update: March-April ~ The art here at Elfwood rotates constantly as new art comes in and old art is shipped out. You can find deleted art at either my personal gallery or at DeviantArt (more likely you'll find it at DA). Do I really want to fill up the bio with useless Neko Facts? But of course! I'm a sophomore at Community College of Southern Nevada in Las Vegas, Nevada, who is generally known as 'Neko' to my friends. (what cliche anime/manga fan girl ISN'T called 'Neko' nowadays?? *sigh*) I enjoy drawing and writing more than anything else, next to reading a good manga or three. I'm studying here in college to get my Master's in Fine Arts (with emphasis on traditional drawing and illustration). Be warned!: Neko's Galleries May Have a Shonen(Shounen, depending on how you'd like to spell it)Ai/Yaoi Warning from time to time! ^ ^ If you don't know what it is, that means I draw homosexual stuff now and then. Just so you know, and you can't say I didn't warn you. Do we really care about the going-ons of Neko?? Sure we do! I'm a member of the Gryphon Guild! I'd like to think I've made myself a little niche there... Mmm, pie. There and now many other places, I have become K'tathi Nekoburd, SketchGryph Extraordinaire! Giver of waffles and squidges. *winks* Also, I'm Ninja #22 in the Evil Overlord's amazing and growing Evil Undead Ninjaz! :D It's all much fun. *nodnod* Out with the old, in with the new! I've cleaned out a lot of my older pictures from here for Spring Cleaning and other such updates, but if you still want to find them they're at my Gallery over there. *points at the link on the side* Now that this bio thing has eaten the entire page, ... e e... I'll let you actually *look* at the art.