Jessica Edstrom

Last Update: October PLEASE be sure to look in my other galleries, too! So....What's new with Neko.... Yes, so I haven't been an active fan artist of late. Deal with it. >:} If you want more of a real bio, you'll have to check Loth because I'm too lazy to write one here. Beware Rabid Undead Demon Ninja Neko linkage! Sakura Requiem: My X-1999/Tokyo Babylon Fan Art site for Seishirou and Subaru fan works. I neeeeed other people to submit stuff!!! ::pokes any CLAMP artists out there:: Go! Go!Neko's Fan Art Bishonen Collection! Kain Highwind!!!!!!!!!! (FF IV) : NO ONE is a bigger Kain fangirl than NEKO. lol! And if you think you are, just fight me for him sometime. e__e I daaaaaaaare you. lol! Yuber (Genso Suikoden I, II, III) : *holds Yuber's leash in one hand, brandishing a sharp stick at all who dare come near* Don't make me get the hand grenades.... Reno (FF VII) : Myaaaaaaaaaa, Reeeeeeeeeeeno... ^ ^ Sephiroth (FF VII) : Ok, Ok, I suppose I can *share* this one..... ::hugs her plushie:: Sakurazuka Seishirou (Tokyo Babylon...X/1999) : Back, Back I say! ::shakes a sakura branch at the other Sei-chan fans:: And where there's Seishirou, you have to have.... Sumeragi Subaru (Tokyo Babylon...X/1999) : ::Pokes his shikigami... it says 'Meep':: Heheh. Random others will appear on this list from time to time... Random wail of the update: 'Whaddaya mean, no waffles?!?!' Have I scared you off yet? Oh, I hope not... You still have to see the art! ::flaps her chibi psuedo-evil-one-wing and threatens you with her cardboard Masamune:: Go! Leave lots and lots of comments! >XD Neko LOOOOOOves comments.