Stand Off

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Jessica Edstrom

'Stay down, Hugo.' Sergeant Joe activated the water rune in his feathered hand, never taking his eyes off the man in black. He brandished his pole arm. 'Stay back, you!' the duck warned, while Fubar screamed a defiant agreement. Hugo'd gotten a lucky shot in-- and then he'd been sent flying. Yuber snarled viciously, lunging to finish the Karayan boy, but found his good arm held. 'Albert... let. Go.' 'Leave him.' 'I'm going to /kill/ him,' the Black Knight growled between clenched teeth. His barely bridled Rune was like a dragon, writhing just beneath the surface in outrage, longing to tear Hugo to /itty/ /bitty/ /bits./ And Albert, too, if he didn't move that hand... 'Kill him later. You're outnumbered and fighting blind-- that's neither intelligent or advisable. We have better things to do for now.' The strategist's voice was cool and collected, with a delicate patience that said he /knew/ he was treading on very thin ice. 'Come on.' Yuber's eyes narrowed as he forced the dragon down, spun on his heels, and stalked off, Albert not far behind. ------ So it's done. After 40 some plus hours, the monstrosity is done. I can honestly say it's actually one of my better pieces of fan art-- if not /the/ best. I don't know what prompted this particular scene in my head, but it came across as being very different from what it was originally intended to be. It was supposed to be the scene at Chisha Village where Hugo duels Yuber-- but I couldn't get decent grapes so it become some scene in Grassland that never happens during the game. *sigh* And look, dialogue. :} The compression for Elfwood made it hard to see. The full version can be found... HERE

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