Scratch 2000! (Nudity)

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James Milligan

Aren't I so nice for warning people that there's nudity in my pics? If you don't like it, don't look, that's all I have to say, and I only warn folks once , so there. Anyway, this is the update of Scratch, from the Coast City Guardians (A local super hero team in my now defunct Champions game). In the original pic, Scratch is the 'catgirl' crouched down at Partisans feet, looking all pissed. If you look, you'll see that she's practically furless, and is (gasp!) nude! Yes, fans, a NUDE SUPERHEROINE ! How does it work? Why doesn't she wear clothes? Well, because although you can't see it in the first pic, her hands and feet are freakin' HUGE, making it hard for her to do things like manipulate clothing, and she has a very fine coating of stiff fur on her body. I defy anyone to put something with fur (like, oh, say, a cat) into a spandex 'Hero Suit'. It's just not going to happen! The update of Scratch sees her after more of her mutation was activated (inadvertantly) by her now-husband, Doctor Augustus Alphard (pic supposedly coming soon). The fur is still rather light in most places, but is more noticeable. Further, her hands and feet have gotten a bit more difficult to do things with, as the last joints in her fingers and toes have stiffened (practically fusing), making her claw strikes much more effective and damaging. The Arm and Thigh bands are standard Guardians Issue Technology, invented by Pike and later refined and updated by Doc Alphard using 29th Century Technology. The Armband is a teleportation and communication device, while the Thighband is a biomonitor, medical kit, and believe it or not, emergency survival kit. All the Guardians have them in one form or another (on Static, they're the gauntlets, for Partisan, they're working into the Armband and his Cyberarm). Scratch fights nude, but usually tugs on an over-the-head sundress or poncho when the press shows up (being a shy Roman-Catholic young woman underneath the feral furry facade, after all). Done on my new Mead spiral bound sketch pad in HB lead (pentel mechanical pencil), scanned on my Umax Astra 1220U, touched up in Photoshop 5.02 on my G3, and uploaded on 10/29/2000!

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