The Electric Eel Siren Merman: Etiole Swanzen and his son Phozeen: The main character of The Twighlight Manor series

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Wendy Allen

The Electric Eel Siren Merman: Etiole Swanzen and his son Phozeen: The main character of The Twighlight Manor series Cover art from The Twighlight Manor story: "The Rise of The Goldeneagle" Book and art by Wendy C Allen. My beloved  Etiole. Anyone who knows me in person knows how much I obsess over this little French Merman. He is my fave character, created oh so many years ago way back in 1978. This picture of him was drawn in 1993. It is my favorite picture of him. Quote From: The History of The Twighlight Manor "Etiole de Blue de Azure Swanzen is the main character of The Twighlight Manor series by Wendy C. Allen. Born on September 23, 1664, to the Flamite prince Sir Roderic Lincandonia Swanzen and his French siren (mermaid) wife Lady Melneeva Liore. Lady Melneeva died that same day. Etiole was born in The Twighlight Manor, in what would later become known as The Town of Old Orchard Beach, Maine, USA. He has three older brothers: Vwoodell, Kramer Henrich, and Razzbury. While the elder three brothers are Flamites bearing no resemblance to their mermaid/sirean mother, Etiole with his finned arms and legs, his webbed hands and feet, his many rows of pirahana-like teeth, and his gilled sides, is unquestionable a siren (merman) like his mother. Etiole though raised on land, can ot be out of water for more than a few days at a time and can not live very far from water. Grewing up on the rocky coast of Maine, he chooses to live on the cold North Atlantic coast, throughout most of his life. No matter where he makes his home though, he is never more than walking distance from the ocean or a lake. ...  Etiole's small troupe went on to become an international stage group of ballet, folk dance, and plays. Etiole often took on the roles as the leading lady of the shows, eventually taking the role off stage to become a professional female impersonator. Etiole took over as Captain of the ancient Flamite starship The VISION~D8, than joined forces with the Crystonite Army against the Flamites. Over the years he became known as The Blue Star Warrior. ... For a time Etiole abandoned his life on land in favor of living under the ocean instead. Being a salt-water siren, ment he could live for weeks under water without ever surfaceing. By the 1850's Etiole had returned to life on land again, opening a theater/dance hall in France. ... Leanora returned to France that same year. Etiole's son Phozeen was born in 1937. Leanora "vanished" hours later and was not heard from again until the late 1990's. With World War II riseing around them and Nazi soilders threatening an invasion, France was becoming an increasingly dangerous place for a drag queen to live in. Melody took advantage of this time to start a legal battle to take Phozeen away from Etiole. Vwoodell stepped in, and took Phozeen to live with him. Weeks later arsin burnt his house to the ground, with no trace of Vwoodell or Phozeen found. Believing his beloved son to be dead, Etiole was devistated and fleed back to the ocean. Etiole reverted back to being a wild siren, living under the ocean, until being captured by Gilstorve. With Gilstorve he was caged like an animal and put the finned, four-eyed underwater breathing Etiole on display in a freak show. Several years later Gilstorve sold Etiole to the Logan family, where he was given to the youngest son, Faunta... Etiole remained a servent in the Logan household for many years, eventually being assigned to drive the family car, an orange metalflake 1964 Dodge 330. In 1975, Etiole was given both the car and his freedom. He returned to The Twighlight Manor later that year. Meanwhile the Flamite army had taken it upon themselves to invade Planet Crystonia, resulting in The Great Crystonite War, a war that threatened to enilate both planets. In an attempt to save both races, the Dionties stepped in calling once again on the help of the dreaded Blue Star Warrior and his starship The VISION~D8. After The Great Crystonite War, Etiole became known as Captain Goldeneagle, a nickname given to him by the Diontite named EelKat, because of his car which he called by the same name. In 1983 Phozeen meet his father for the first time, but Phozeen, now a snobbish high-society scientist was shocked at his father's lifestyle as a drag queen, and refused to acknowledge Etiole as his father. In 1989, Etiole suffered a massive heart attack, forcing him into retirement. He now resides in The Twighlight Manor, where he has set to amassing a large collection of artworks, including original paintings, sculptures, French fashion plates, and first edition BeBe Brues. "

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