Eerin Vink

Hi there! I am Eerin Vink, am 25 years old and have my home in the Netherlands.  Most of the paintings that you will find here are made for the bordgame Day & Night, a game that I created with my two wonderful friends Valentijn Eekels and Sebastiaan v/d Roovaart. I made the illustrations and they worked very hard on everything else that was and is needed. The game is now printed and distributed all over the world. You can find much more information and purchase  this game when you visit this website: Day & Night ( (Dutch, English or Greek) Next to the works I made for the game I often make artworks containing a fantasy or spiritual atmosphere/mood. If you want to find out more about me or my works, you can visit:  eerin.exto.nlFor buying originals or prints you can send an email to: Enjoy your visit! Greetings, Eerin Vink    I like Drawing, painting, dreams, colours/shapes, fantasy