I am a junior in high school and have been drawing all my life. I am almost completely self taught, and I feel that's the only way to go. I draw a lot to relieve stress and just for a fun and interesting hobby. I also am a horseback rider, and just got my own horse about 4 months ago. He is my pride and joy, and his name is Tango. I also hate winter, so you may see some drawings or paintings conveying my feelings towards that particular season. I also have a boyfriend of over a year, and he is the love of my life. I have one drawing of him so far, and I am planning on making at least a few more. As a last note, if anyone has any questions about buying prints, etc. email me at . I usually check my email every day (of course there are a few exceptions), and we can discuss prices. I also do custom art (i.e. send me a picture of your dog or whatever and I can draw or paint it however you like), so ALWAYS feel free to ask! Remember, there is no such thing as stupid questions, just stupid people who ask questions... JUST KIDDING!!!