Emily Hutchins

Hello everyone! My name is Emily, I am a 18 year from central Massachusetts, and I have had a wonderful, unexplainable passion for anything Fantasy since I was very young. It has been a long time since I have updated- now that my Senior year has ended I feel that it’s time to put up what I have done. Likes: seeing people doing what they love to do, especially when they do it well. Music. Oodles of music from all kinds of groups and genres, generations and geographies.  Good fantasy books.  Outdoors and trees and wind and sunshine. And fruit, and Yoga, and fresh air.  ~ * ~ thanks for visiting and have a nice day ~ * ~ . . . . To see all of my work, including animals, nature, paintings, HOT men and additional angles of my sculptures, please visit me at Deviantart; http://kessrah.deviantart.com/