Shanna Eide

I figure that since I rarely update this thing I would take some time to do so at the beginning of 2004. I am an art major, I will probably get my degree from a University in Flordia because I am moving there at the end of this summer with my hubby, Sean. I enjoy digital artwork more than traditional media but I am working diligently to expand my area of knowledge with traditional media. If you couldn't tell I collect My Little Ponies, I am and will probably always be a horse addict. I like them in all shapes and sizes, I also collect NFRB Barbie Horses, and I'd give my eye teeth to get the Rainbow Bright Horses - Not the plush ones though. Some of my other favorite things to do are, reading - I enjoy a good book that tells a good story, at the moment I am rereading Mercedes Lackey's Heralds Series and some of her new stuff, I enjoy the Harry Potter Books, Anne McCaffery's writings, Robin McKinley, David Weber, Lois McMaster Bujold, Terry Brooks, Patricia Wrede, Caroline Burnes, Rita Mae Brown, and a massive plethora of other books. I enjoy listening to music of all types but my favorites are classical music and disney soundtracks. I am an avid Animation fan, I love alomst all types of animation, Disney - Anime, I watch it all... sometimes it isn't the greatest but I'll watch a crappy animated film before I'll watch a crappy live action one. I love movies, they provide hours of escapism as well as sparks of imagination for me, sometimes its a way to experience something I'll never read, like the Lord of the Rings Series. I think that's probably enough about me. I'm a friendly person and I love to talks to people and discover new things, so if you'd like to talk feel free to IM me, because I have cable internet my IM is always online. Using my art, my one rule is email me or IM me and ask me about it first. As long as it wasn't commissioned or I'm not selling a print of it I usually don't mind as long as I get a link back. Trades, Requests, and Commissions T: I will always accept an art trade I LOVE getting art as much as gifting it to my friends. R: Requests are great I enjoy drawing other peoples character but please keep in mind that you are on a list with other people, requests take anywhere from 2 Weeks to 2 months to get completed because Trades and Commissions get first ranking. C: I will always accept a commission, please email me to work out the details: Digital Commission: $10.00 Traditional Commission: $15.00 Prints I will offer prints on some of my artwork for limited times, usually a run of 1 to 3 months and then take it off the market. My prints are printed on 45 LB matte photo paper with water resistant archival inks. Sizes 8x10: $4.00 11x14: $5.50 13x19: $6.50 Thanks for taking to the time to read everything. Shanna or Demonkitty (DK) Update: Cleared out my old pictures.