Eilidh Gordon

Updated On 18/12/2004 Ahhhh!! I've not been in my little art haven for ages! Sorry for the neglect! I do apoligise...But a little about me and well where I've been! I'm now 16! Woohooo! And I've left school, to work full time in a garden centre, which is great fun! Next year I'll hopefully been doing a course in mental health (to become a nurse). And well, I guess we'll see where that takes me next... But one things for sure, whether I become a Rock Goddess (you never know ;-P) or a nurse, I'll never give up art! So enough about me!! What about you!? Come, take and look and most all enjoy yourself! I would love some pointers on how to grow as an artist...so go ahead! See you all soon... All of my old stuff is still up but I've just put a couple of newbies, so, tell me what ya think! ^_^ Oh and incase I forget! - !!Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!