Einat Rothenberg

So after being a member here a bunch of years I've come to the conclusion that the time has arrived for a change. So here I am, changing. Anyway, I'll honestly talk about myself. My name is, well, obviously my name is Einat. I complain for a living... ...No, not really. I live in Israel, and people don't ride around on camels here OR live in tents. We have internet (otherwise I wouldn't be here) and a dysfuncational government. In my freetime I... well, first of all I'd really like to have some freetime if it's not too hard from God to give me some. If I HAD any freetime I'd use it to learn how to draw properly, write, read, go hiking, go to the beach and of course be with my friends. Thusfar my time has been divided between school, homework, studying for tests, eating and sleeping. But as of the end of my Government final exams my time will shortly afterward be divded between the IDF and sleeping when I can. Those of you who have visited my tree in the woods before - Check out my new additions to the gallery and my new self portrait. May you all have a wonderful and boring day. ;o)