Hey Im Kate! Im 13 & kind of has a dream that my art may become known someday, I also have a dream in which I was being chased down my road in my underwear by a cabbage,but that doesn't matter so much. I'm kind of known in my school for drawing in class & then being grumbled at for it by the teacher when I fail to know that the answer wasn't "jam sandwiches?" & was in fact 56. I write fantasy stories too & I would have a user in the writing part here but I never finish my stories :p Oh & before I forget, Im giving away a free insable jam sandwich to anyone who says hi!!!! hehe! well I hope you like my art! May it serve as inspiration to any lost soul that wanders by it! :EDIT: oh and I'm no longer 13, I've just gone 14 ^_^ Yay! Not so biddy anymore! Okay, short still, but not young! ... hehe oh and thankee to everyone that has commented!