Erin Kelso

Ah, welcome to my lair! X-Men and Harry Potter - yeah, I'm a nerd :) Just about everything I turn out is drawn in ink, scanned, and colored in Photoshop or with watercolors. I also do a lot of oil painting, mostly impressionist-style landscapes. Many of my fanart pieces are illustrations for fanfiction - just let me know if you want a link to any of them. I'll take requests, occasionally - if you have anything particular in mind. When I'm not drawing or painting, I'm a PhD student in biology - ah, lizards... I love 'em! I've put up more of my randomness on Deviantart (just click on my homepage). Thanks for stopping by! Update: This page is starting to get very full, so I'm switching out older images for new ones, although there are some favorites I think I'll keep up no matter what... Cheers!