Stefan Ekstrand

Hi there! ^_^ I'm Stefan Ekstrand also called Sike. Im 20 and I live in Sweden. I've been in Lothlorien for quite some time now, but nowdyas I mostly draw fanart. My two favorite subjects are Link and Legolas so that's mostly what you'll find here. If you have seen these pictures allready or you want to see more of my art I suggest you go and visit my Lothlorien gallery here And if you're looking for good art =) please make a visit to these galleries below. One of these great artists is my good friend Corel ^_^. You can visit it by clicking the link. Tobias 'Corel' Mattsson Another friend of mine, Johannes, has a gallery too. Johannes HolmgrenC yall ^_* Oh I almost forgot!! The greatest of them all Christina Sanders is a must see! So go there in this instant... c'mon go! Now I can say bye with a clear consiense... I hope ......... 02-??-?? Added a Link and Zelda picture. And replaced two older drawings with a picture of Link and Oni-Link, and a fullbody picture of Link. without a shirt!!! ^^ 02-08-25 Added a new picture of the character Aragorn/Strider from the LOTR movie/series. 02-09-20 New Update! Removed two older drawings and added two new ones ^^ I hope you like these better than the old ones. Otherwise I made a misstake, right?