Dale Ziemianski

I love nature, evolution, anthropology and earth sciences. I don't read much SciFi or Fantasy, oddly enough. I suppose I just have my own ideas. I do appreciate well written SciFi/Fantasy movies with awesome special effects. I'm working mostly in digital lately. It's allows for so much freedom! I've been published: some interior book illustrations, CD covers, ANALOG cover (1998)...and in 1995 I won the L. Ron Hubbard Illustrators of the Future Gold Award.Currently I keep busy with (lots of) commissions.... Fantasy Portraits, Digital Fantasy Portraits  and  creating Digital Illustrations for some Wallpaper Murals and Borders for  a couple wallpaper companies. I'm starting to paint in tempera again, too.Fantasy Portraits can be ordered through my website. I like Hiking, writing music on my computer, guitar. Favourite movies LOTR (all Peter Jackson's stuff), all Marvel's stuff, Serenity, the Underworld stuff, the Matrix movies, etc Favourite books LOTR Favourite music Tosca, Baby Mammoth, Propellerheads, Grand Tourism, dZihan & Kamien, St Germain, Orbital, Miles Davis, Weather Report, Mahavishnu Orchestra, Crystal Method.