April Wyatt

I have been gone but now I am back.  I have been drawing ever since I could put a pencil.  I started out in oklahoma now I'm in Daytona beach florida skimboarding, surfing or boogie boarding when i'm not working or doodling. I hope you guys like everything and please don't be a douche. I like art, video games, animals, dancing, drinking, traveling, and just living life. Favourite movies grandma's boy, harold and kumar (both movies) howl's moving castle, the cat returns, dark cyrstal, 300, of course lord of the rings, golden compass, and i can go just on and on i have a lot of movies i like. Favourite books The Age of Fire series and Vampire Earth series by E.E Knight, the Belgariad and the Malloreon by David Eddings, and so many others like these books. Favourite music techno, rock, 80s, disco, classical, oldies, even a little hip hop