Elaine Carter

Born in 1974, I married and a mother, for starters. I can't remember when I first started drawing, or when I first fell in love with fantasy. Possibly one of the first things I ever drew (that was recognizable) was a dragonfly on the wall. I have the advantage that nearly everyone in my family is an artist! Most of the work you see here was done on regular typing paper (it's cheap and comes in large amounts) with lead color pencils; I occasionally use watercolors to enhance the colors. I haven't updated in a while, but that's because I've been working on paintings (which simply don't fit on a scanner!) But fear not, I do have a digital camera; I just need to figure out which way is up... A few notes for those interested in my artwork: If you would like to post my work on a website, please email me, and I'll give you my posting requirements. Let me know which website you'd like to post it on--I like to know where it's going. Please do not use my artwork for tattoos. I have nothing against tattoos, I have one myself. However, I consider anyone making a profit from my work without giving me royalties to be stealing from me; and it would be very easy for a tattoo artist to keep a copy of my work and continue making a profit from it. If you'd like to email me about my art, please include the word 'art' or 'artwork' in the subject line. (Otherwise, it'll get thrown out along with all the other unknown sender stuff.)