Right now I live in Eugene, Oregon and until recently I was a self-taught artist. Though I finally changed my major to Fine Arts... suppose I couldn't keep running from my destiny. Other than drawing and painting I love the theater arts. I enjoy acting and designing costumes. I also love Japanimation, Manga and video games... Yes, I'm nerd...  though I was told I don't match the physical criteria and my outfits don't fit the dress code... Oh, well... I was never one to fit in any particular clichee anyway. That won't stop me from geeking out and discussing the philosphies of "firefly" with my friends or spending hours creating a new D&D character... It's been a while since I looked at these  pictures... Most of them here are old and somewhat embarassing... I can't believe I used to be proud of how they turned out. That's why I decided to use them as sketches and replace them with new pictures, one by one. One of my art teachers in High School used to say "If you need to explain to people what you've painted in words then why don't you write a novel instead." And he's right. As of now I will limit what I explain about my pictures... Hopefully they can speak for themselves.