Bek Sutton

Hi my name is Bek but most people just call me Bk. I'm 17 and in my last year of school in Australia. I focus mainly on horse art but am also competent at other things such as humans...femals mostly....and dragons. I recetly obtained photoshop and am slowly, slowly workig my skills up for that, yet i still enjoy the good old traditional art every now and then.My art skills have only just resently  started to develop in the last few years, mainly through my deviantart account I like Reading, wirting, drawing, outdoors....NATURE Favourite movies Supernatural, LotR, PotC, Howls Moving Castle, Elektra Favourite books Graceling, Fire, Sasha, Dragon Keeper, Tails Of Otori Series, Inheritance Cycle, Obernewtyn Chronicles Favourite music I am a big fan of Hans Zimmer, but i am able to sit through most styles of music

Red Clover

this is one of proudest poems, and was inspired by many of the epic fantasy books i have read with bloody battles and grand sword fights

Destiny's Weaver

This was insipred by the song Lady of Shalot by Loreena  McKennitt, it is  a beautyful song as are all of her's and she inspires me greatlyI picture the weaver as an elf, almost like Galadriel from lord of the rings

The Spirit

The spirits are all around us, in everything and everone

Lost Soul

I wonder if this is what it feels like when a spirit goes off the rails?


I wrote this for an engish exam i did a few weeks back, and i was so impressed with myself because i had prepared it earlier and i remebered it alomst word for word in my test :D and i got the rsults today, a 13 out of 15 so i was very happy with myselfAnyway, the ending is kind of....lame, but wanted to leave it in a way where the reader could be left guessing, wondering what happened to the characters and who knows, i may extend on it later.