Daniel Rosenberg

HELLO EVERYBODY.. It has been a long time sins I updated this bio... I was 22 years old then, now I´m 24... I would like to say hello to a special Elfwood friend of mine : Crys.... Sorry I´ve not been writing to you. I hope you´ll forgive me :) ..... Several of the old pictures will soon be gone, I will make room for new ones. I want to thank all of you nice people out there in the woods, and every one else who have commented on my pictures. All nice words has given me a lot of happy moments as I´ve read them, I´m looking forward to hear what you all think about these new pictures I´ve poasted. All of them are sketches yet to be compleeted, or just ideas that quickly had to be drawn before I forgot them. I hope to soon be able to present colour paintings and not just drawings in black and white.. Please comment, and tell me what you think is good and what´s bad, and maybe come up with ideas for new pictures.