Lauren Werner

Let's see... something about me?  Well, I have four dogs - yeah, I know.  They're just little dogs - two papillons, a sheltie mix, and a terrier mix.  I've been writing for about... five years.  It doesn't seem like that long, but looking back...  It's been a real ride. I like Besides writing, I enjoy a good book, listening to music, and snuggling with my fiance`. :D Favourite movies I used to really like Stargate - I'm watching part of the made-for-tv Sword of Truth Series, which at first seemed pretty crappy, but its gotten better, so I think that I'll make it a fave. Favourite books I love the Sword of Truth Series by Terry Goodkind, and Starswarm by Jerry Pournell is the only sci-fi book I've really been able to get into. Favourite music Rock. Jazz, country, techno, and Bollywood! My friends call me The Anti-Rap.

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