Jon Lee

very intelagent but dumb now that my flaut. If you don't know if I'm drawing my dragons facing right is because I'm a lefty. I've even made up my own planet that's in the Inner rim of the Galaxey. And please comment on what the terrain should be or what animals should be present on there I am now starting my own story I really don't know what the title is but I'm still thinking. I like football,spore (its an online game),and T.V., and platin HALO 3 but I still want to play HALO reach and I NOW OWN HALO REACH!!!!!!! and I now own gears 1, and 2 Favourite movies Eragon, Avatar, predator, how to train your dragon, Lord Of The Rings, Star Wars Favourite books spiderwick chronicles Favourite music metal,rock,rap favorite songs Till i collapse (Eminem),blow me away(halo 2 theme),young(hollywood undead)bomb shell(powerman 5000)