Lynn Taylor

I love writing and drawing and singing all of which are subject to others opions.But I feel good about all of them.. I like drawing, writing and singing. I love to sew and lots of my closes are my own designs. Usually fairy princess styles lace and ruffles. I sew western shirts for my husband and made him a traditional man dragon kimono. I am still trying to talk him into wearing a kilt. I love to do ceramic. Like teapots and dolls and vases. And yes lots of purple stuff. I draw to make my self feel good and it helps when my husband likes them to. He is my inspiration for my heros in my stories. Favourite movies Grew up with StarTrek and Other Scifi. like Galaxy Quest. I hate the new Battle star galactia. I dislike all volent and gory scifi. I love princess stories. Like Princess bride. Ever After and Diaries of a ugly stepsister. I love the old Doctor who series. And my favorite doctor was Tom Baker with his 7 foot long multicolor scarf. My favorite cartoons were Johnny Cifer and Rocket Robin Hood and the old speed racer. Love anime and Manga. But not the violent or gory or Henti or Ecci. Love stories of corse. Favourite books Alas Babalon grim but good. Any other scifi as long as it is a happy ending. I detest sad endings Favourite music Clasical, Opera, Nelson Eddie and Janet Mcdonald, Placido Dimingo and Pavarati and Caraes. Love Great Band Era songs to usually the love songs. Love the old Elvis love songs. I like the very early Beatles like I want to hold your hand and She loves you. I don't understand nor do I want to there later drug culture songs. I like western songs like Don't Fence me in and Tumble weeds. Even a Hank Williams SR song here and there. Love the Son's of the Pioneers. One of my favorites is called I am a old cow hand.

True Victums of the enchantments.

Most of us  know how the princesses or Prince suffer when enchanted. But what of the poor peasents who tend them. This is my take on the common mans Garret the farmer suffering when he finds his girl Leeanne maid of the princess is a victum of the princess's enchantment.In the story Sleeping beauty all with in the castles walls slept. In other Brothers Grim the peasants suffered like wise.

The Princesses's Elf

The Princess Athella who had been made to choose a husband. The choices her father has made have been unexceptable to her. So looking out over the parapets of the chastle she admires a man and her father hears. This was where the Elf Geeohm Valesmen"s trouble begins.

The courior

Tarnis Dougalld acting lord gets a courier from the King Derk Corin.  Not only is it a woman but a elf.  She doesn't let him give her any comforts telling him it is to protect him and his people.  But then she has him promise to do something for her.

Finally at peace p 10.txt

Aurora finally finds the answer to who has been doging her for years. 

Finally at peace p 8

The raid over Towns to the rescue carring the first Xeran.  Now setting up a protection for  the planet Nebon  begins and hopefully normal life cans start again.

Finally at peace p 9

Danzorians gone and now things shoud go back to normal. Now more distrubing happening are begaining again.Aurora is startled by her long time friend Mic trying to kid nap her.

Finally at peace p 6

Rajeen is a Alien who looks like humans called Towan.  But Rajeen has a secret he is a Xeran {a walking weapon with lasers in his hands and an hologram abilities. Also he had shield technology to.  At first  only women were Xerans for when they put the tech in the men it killed them. So now he is the second male born of Xeran mother.  It is transfurred during pregnancey due to the nanobots that maintain there weaponry.Kerain and Rajeen will try to protect there colony. Kerain is the deeder stepdaugter to Aurora

Finally at peace p 5

Rajeen comes to Nebon and the attack of The Danzorians over shadows. The Mysteries that befall Aurora. Rajeen is a Xeran a humanoid  with weapons built into him {my  original characters}. Xeran have lasers in there hands and shielding abilities and they can through holograms. Originally only women were Xeran for the males all died in the experemental stage. But for the babies of the women they became Xeran during pregnancy.   Rajeen is secretive about his abilities. But he takes a liking to Kerain Aurora's step daugher.  They become saviours of the Colony of Nebon.

Finally at peace p 7

The attempts to save the colony are still on Will they be able to hold up against the Danzorians. While waiting for the Towan forces to get there.

Finally at peace p 2

After meeting Mandear and family trobles begin again for Aurora.  The Deeder Man {Blue velvetten furred cat people.}protects her to the best of his ability. But when they leave she doesn't tell him she loves him. It is  because she knows his recent loss of his wife. So she allows him to go and she feels lost. She meats a new friend this time a human named Mic. People are still getting into her things and something is making her un comfortable.

Run Rusty Run.

Rusty is the son of Mandear Netman and Freason { Aurora}. He is a blue Deeder boy. This is a story that spans time and is about the relationship of Rusty to Bonder and there relationship to Lanet. Lanet is Bonders little sister and they call her a nusance. Is she really in the end you have to read to find out. I had this one uploaded a while back but due to me being depressed I desimated my stories on here and other sites. So do forgive me.Dedders are blue fuzzy cat people. Naugan's like Naelo and Drazid are Naugans. Other species make appearance here to they are all of my own original characters and species. Please don't use unless I say you can.

Finally at peace p 1

this story is of Aurora Fredricks and starts after she is woke from stasus. It starts in this fist part when she is just a little girl. She suffers from bad memories that desturb her after picking up a artifact on her old planet. This starts the mystery and even though she loves her family she leaves for a change.She first joins the ship The Quantum merchanter who had saved her and all who had been in stasus. the get attacked by pirates and she then leaves her old friends to try to find her family's ship. She joins the ship the Falling Star. And meats a interesting Cat man whom she falls for. He Is a Deeder a Blue fuzzy cat species with no tail. He has 10 children only one being a girl. She helps them and strange things begin to happen to her stuff and Odd feelings and bad dreams come up again. Deeders are a Original species of mine.   Mandear was a invisable friend I had as a child of  5. He was a little boy then and as I grew up he did to. And he made appearance in my dreams alot when I was a child. So now he is still my friend making appearnces in my stories.

Finally at peace p 3

Between Naelo the Naugan captain {Giant eguana Lizard man} and Mic Aurora feels a little better. But pirates attack all the ships she has ever been on and now she  wants to find Mandear. Naelo gives in and finds a Deeder colony for her to get off on.  Not knowing weather it is the right one. For Aurora was right about them beeing attacked cause she was abord. He tells no one especially not Mic were he let her off cause he was acting wierd.It is Mandears planet and Her welcome home is more than she could have hoped for.

Finally at peace p 4

Aurora who now goes exclusively by the name Freson the name Mandear's daugher gave her.  This part is about the affect Aurora has on Mandear his family . How she helped Karain his only daughter at the time in influanced by her. How that influance saves a whole colony. Aurora is going to be a mother again and she is in this part a proud mother to her stepdaughter.

Silent Wish

Tolcus and His sisters and cousins find a uneque  problem when it comes to romance. Poor lonely Elf what will they do.  A silent wish sets things in motion and it brings problems of there own. Sorry I deletted this story when I was very depressed.