Eliera Diego

Hello! This is fun, or at least it would be if I could think of something interesting to write. Heh... Well to start off obvioulsly my name is Eliera, or Era if you like, I'm 23 years old and at the moment I am on my way to becoming a history teacher! Oh, and I live in the golden farm country of chilly South Dakota! Like everyone else on here, I have many things that inspire me, and I'm sure that I'm supposed to say something creative that inspires me, and I'll do that in a minute, but what really inspires me is music. I love any type of music except for rap (I've never understood why babbling like a monkey about women and beer became so popular, especially in a tiny town like the one I live in...). Music is good stuff! As for my wacky and creative inspirations, well, I'd say that those are just about every possible thing on this planet, including: electricity, tire prints, dirt, leather, corn husks (I'm serious too! Have you ever looked on the inside of a corn husk and seen the patterns that the water-vein thingys create?), and plenty more completley random things. As for the less "different" inspirations, they consist of: children, smoke, renaissance fairs, people in gerneral, mountains, the sky, and yes, books. Alrighty, well now you know a few things about me! If you need to know anything else about me, just take a look at my art! And I promise to get more pieces up, and ones with colour too! That and I can't figure out how exactly to make my new scanner more friendly towards my pictures and actually scan them without any problems. But there will be more up, just give me time! :) Well thank you for reading my babbles, but now its time for you to check out my art, and maybe even comment on it if you like! Hope to hear from ya soon! Enjoy!