E Spek

I admit, I'm totally in love with Elfwood... I've come to know a good many people here, got some real good (well, good for me ;) ) friends from the Dutch Elfwood group, I'm even getting some of my pictures published... I couldn't wish for anything more :D Some info about me (Yup, the one hided behind the Paradise Lost logo on the left here): 24, female, likes Tolkien, Goodkind, Simmons, Martin; plays guitar, Paradise Lost and horse freak (dûh ;)), also likes Larp, and her boyfriend :)031104 - Last update: added 'Bride of the dragon' and 'pony unicorn' deleted 'the four elements: water' and 'Loeder' 191007 - No updates for a long time here... that's mostly because I drifted away from drawing and painting to photography. I will make time for an update with some older/newer drawings and some fantasy-themed photography in the near future.