Elise Wong

Art is something you just cant describe. It's a place only your imagination can take you and it is your job to try your best to show the world what you imagined. My art was never good until I had emotions I just have to spell out on a canvas and that's when my art took a different turn and looked so much better. I learned that art can never be rushed nor can it just come to you whenever you want. For me, even though I would like to finish my painting as fast as I can, I can't just do it until the inspiration comes to me. If I force it, my painting won't turn out great. Painting keeps me calm in a therapeutic way. It is another way I can escape to forget what I was worried about in the first place. I hope one day I can be those artist that can spread a very strong message to the world. In the mean times, please check out my blog, www.elisewongphoto.blogspot.com I like photography, painting, brazillian jiu jitsu, basketball and a lil of muay thai Favourite movies Fringe, Newsroom, Boston Legal, Silk Favourite books Fight Club, Ravenor, Narnia, Watchers Favourite music taste keeps changing so no point writing it here haha