Al Nathurem Awakes

Sci fi/Fantasy image by

Elise Wong

A memory or dream..? Araevin was unable to determine which. She closed her eyes, remembering the past. When she was young, her parents showed her love and taught her nothing less. She learned to offer love to the people she cared about and to all that is living. They lived at the surface of the forest. Although near nature and away from towns, it was still within the human population. Magical beings were myths and folklore among the people. Creatures like dragons or unicorns don't exist but still this image played in Araevin's head... As she was picking strawberries from her back garden, she saw this beautiful stag standing in front of her, looking at her right in the eyes and held it's gaze. As if it had better understanding of the world than a normal animal does, it seems it's attention span was a lot deeper as their gaze held for quite a moment. Their gaze later broke as it hopped into the deep blanket of the forest trees. Without a single pause in Araevin's head, she decided to follow it. The deer slowed down as if wanting her to follow, and follow it, she did. What seemed like nearly two hours of shadowing the handsome buck, it decided to lose her and hopped into abyss. Lost, she couldn't find the deer anymore but she felt a pull and followed this inkling and decided to adhere nonetheless. A soft golden light shown on this bed of rocks where two trees that twisted in a beautiful direction laid in the middle of it. There was this feeling of content that arose in Araevin's heart as she admired what may seem mundane to the human eye. She appreciated every crack in the rocks, every blade of grass, each twist in the trees, the leaves on the trees, the songs of the birds as she sat down and absorbed it all in. After a while, she finally rose and raised her hand to touch a rock. Suddenly, the ground beneath her shook and the top left corner of her eye, she noticed there was a slit between two rocks and they started to separate, creating an opening for a large emerald coloured eye to stare at her. Her heart was pounding and her head telling her to get out! But to no avail, somehow her hand wouldn't listen and it still stayed put. Her breath was rapid now as the whole land started to rise. As if an earthquake, the land split, the rocks separate and the grass torn.. Her eyes never left that huge emerald iris and pitch black pupil and likewise, it never left hers. Her heart thumping, blood pumping, breath rapid. It seemed daft to think this creature in front of her was real. As everybody said, magic and fantasy was mere imagination. Was she hallucinating? Dreaming? None of this made any sense. But she can never remember what happened after. She opened her eyes and recalled where she was. Just sitting at home, at the dining table with her parents.. Back to reality...... Or was she? I guess not everybody can see the forest through the trees...

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