Elise Beddingfield

If you're reading this, don't worry, you can skip it without missing anything important. I haven't updated this gallery in about five years; as soon as I get another one going, I just might pick it up again. Who am I? I'm a 22-year-old girl from Texas, and I love to draw. Most of my art is human or humanoid in form -- I love the human form, and derivations thereof -- or creatures you wouldn't want to meet in your backyard. Why do I draw? If I don't, I'd explode. What inspires me? Everything, but especially music, fashion and the forest.. and the best time to go in the forest is dusk. Nothing on earth smells like a youpon thicket at dusk. What would I wish if I could be granted one request? Duh. A million more wishes. Where do I see myself in twenty years? I can't. If anyone's that clairvoyant/precognitive, meet me in my office. Whose art do I study? Trina Schart Hyman's. ;) Will I ever have a real website of my own? Just as soon as someone shows me how to use Photoshop without needing a blood transfusion afterwards. Where do I get my ideas? Somebody once told me that the best way to get ideas is never to watch where you're going. Enjoy.