Melissa Polson

Salve and bright greetings, Im an 19 year old australian girl hailing from Sydney at the moment, i havent been into sketching alot but i thought id give it ago on elfwood who knew id actually get in, uh, hmmm *twiddles thumbs* oh yeah, i should tell you what kinda stuff i do, well normal sketches sometimes manga when it comes to me, i do comic sketches of Jackie Estacardo from the infamous comic The Darkness which is linked to The Witchblade series, uh, oh yeah Some Dragonball z stuff, i like drawing piccolo better because he agrees with my pencil. Since i got my new webcam i got a little bored so i started adding and altering pictures taken of me considering i was the only willing subject. Please leave a comment about my work, critisim, praise, idly whatnots, just tell me watcha think, thankies Blessed Beez. Oh by the way, i have a friend who has some stories about my rp so if ya interested check him out at: