Lizzard Shara

I really like dragons and other fantasy creatures. I also draw anime style elves, pixies vampires, etc. Some people would say that I am obsessed with dragons... I prefer the word 'passionate.' I am still young, and so are my talents, so please do not bite my head off if I am a little green. I can only improve. Comments are appreciated, and constructive critisism is welcome, but please, if you hate what I draw, seethe on your own time, I have no interest in that sort of idiocy.  Some of my idellic artists include: J.c. Amberlyn: Wildlife and Fantasy artist extroadinaire! Kristen Buckner: One of the greatest dragon artists I have ever seen. Bob Eggleton: Great Fantasy/ Sci-fi artist. Especially his sea serpents and dragons, and other reptillian creatures. Joseph Vargo: Gothic fantasy artist. Very stunning pictures.