Vlahadir and Thavir relaxing

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Danielle Ingram

This is my best picture so far and it was huge 2100 pixels by 1496 pixels. Those two ppl are Vlahadir and Thavir (redhead) I wanted to draw them like they would be in their lives. Vlahadir should be 19 years old here and same with Thavir. Thavir died when he was 10 and was brought back 8 years later for good complete reasons in my story but I'm too lazy and tired to write it here. If you want to know more just ask. I'll be happy to say ^-^. Well Vlahadir is the angry type of loner person and Thavir is a happy sociable. Find out more about them go to the pics 'Thavir' and 'Vlahadir'. Vlahadir is a big romance book lover and Thavir doesn't care for reading and at that time in their lives he didn't know how to read well. Also Vlahadir really gets attached to characters in a book so even tho a storm is coming he doesn't care because he's at the part where some guy dumped his fav female person in the book or something so he's to angry to care. Thavir is bored and just want Vlahadir to listen to him talk. Thavir still thinks like a 10-year-old because he never grew up as a teen and he's like that. Happy and a bit giddy. Oh and the thing they're in is a hammock with a bunch of pillows. I want to be in one like that. And that's a bridge in the bg. And Vlahadir is the strongest wizard in my story even tho he's young and doesn't have a long white beard so the book is being held up by his magic as well as the pages flipped. (The writing is Asion, Vlahadir learns different languages in his life see 'Samnick and Zyphry' for more info on Asion) And I find grass hard so I did that and I know there's a grass brush in psp7 but it looked wrong so I did it my own way with 5 layers ^^ and I hate doing clouds so if u have tips on doing good clouds tell me I'll love that. ^-^ Well anyway I think I'll end it now cause there's not too much to say. ***** Yes they look like a couple but they're like brothers and Thavir doesn't see what's wrong with being close to his best friend that he knew since he was 4 so yeah no stupid comments**** Sketched in my sketchbook then scanned in, inked and a few more inches were added to show they're whole heads. And colored with tablet and psp7. COMMENT PLEASE!!! ^_^

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