Alien Goddess - coloured

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Karen-Birgitte Borud

  I finally got around and coloured my “Alien Goddess”! I’m quite pleased with the outcome, and now the colours are finally settled. I’ve found out a bit more about the planet since I painted it for the first time, and it’s now inhabited by some humanoids as well as the Goddess. After all, what use in a Goddess if there’s none there to worship her? So well, here’s a description of the planet Xaa and the inhabitants, a race called Xyna: The Xyna look like humans, but have blue skin, blue or green hair and orange, red, yellow or purple eyes. The planet is very contrary yet still quite like ours, with two bright moons but a sun so small and far away that it seems mostly a big star. The planets face is made up of water with the earth floating like huge fleets upon the surface. Also, the colour of the sky is deep red while the water is more orange red, the moons are bluish, the grass is ocean green etc. The twin-moons do shine by themselves, contrary ways to ours which “steals” its light from the sun, but in a different manner then that of a sun, the light being whiter (in lack of a better word). A Xyna facing our sun would find the light annoying and just a little too bright, but should get used to it after a few months. The planet is heated from within, where a core of… something very hot (I don’t know what, and I don’t think I’m going to find out)… that boils the water. Every Xyna learns from young age to swim in the boiling hot water, thus developing a natural defence against heat. However, diving is forbidden, and what might live deep down, none knows. A Xyna walking our earth would have trouble keeping her feet warm.

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