Nin nat Izho

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Karen-Birgitte Borud

High in the ever-frozen mountains, where the air is so cold and thin it feels like breathing needles, lives the Uum nat Izerhac, the Children of Winter. They are fierce, tall creatures that live of hunting and raiding, divided into clans where the strongest sit as leaders, and the oldest, which may be as much as 200 years old, sit in the Elder Council and tries to teach the younglings how to reach an equally amazing age. It is among these people we find the young woman Nin nat Izho, Daughter of the clan’s leader’s brother and the highly regarded Maker of Poison. Born with a high status and gaining no less from her own accomplishments in early life, Nin’s future should’ve been bright. But faith, it seems, wanted it differently. At the age of five she was betrothed to the four sons of the Wolf tamer, whichever would be better suited when she was of age. The first one died when she was fifteen, and she never quite understood why the blame was laid on her. When she was aged respectively 24 and 27, two more of them died, one killed by his own wolves and the other by an avalanche, and her life hardened. There were many that thought she was some sort of which, although she loathed magic just as much as anyone else. When she was 30 years old, the last of her fiancés fell ill, and Nin was set as his nurse. Though she did her best to save him, and did seem to succeed to begin with, the man did not get rid of his fever, and in a dream-like state he accused her for the deaths of his brothers and attempted to kill her. It was only an act of self defence, but the punishment was still set: for the murder of a clan’s member, a fiancé and an ill man in her care, Nin nat Izho was marked as an outcast and banished from her home. She stole a light boat and left the land of Frosal the first spring day of her 30nth year. She has not settled permanently since, but travelled lands unknown to her. Her current location is unidentified. Nin stands about three meters tall, has wild, red hair, and should have a chainmail shirt and celtic knotwork art on her tunic. But I was a bit too lazy to do the details, so this is all you get. And I really hate the shield. I don’t think you can actually use a shield like that. >.>

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