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To begin with, Yzabel was my liltie character in Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles, and yes, it’s a version of Isabella. I think Isabella is trying to take over everything that I hold dear… *suspicious look* Isabella: *whistles innocently* Oh well. For those of you who don’t know, lilties are small, fierce creatures that like to fight and look surprisingly much like an onion. The only thing this Yzabel has in common with the liltie Yzabel is the height: they are both quite small. This Yzabel was made when I found out I really, really needed a proper DnD character. One that followed the actual rules and not that lousy who-knows-how-old Norwegian guidebook which was the only thing I had when I begun playing. I had long since decided that a gnome bard would be quite perfect for me, so that’s what she is. And she’s not really a very nice one. Since the rulebook told me ‘gnomes love names’, and since I just so happen to do so too, I’ve gone wild with that. Her full name as of now is Yzabel Havockhain Anathryll Ningel Roywyn Rookwick Liteofee Zephodale Zookil Xaphirite Quizuquán, and her most used nickname is Crowsilver, though they also include Micare or Mica, Glimmer, Glimmertounge and Scarsmile, the latter because she has a scar running from the corner of her mouth and up her cheek, forcing her face into a never-ending smile. Additionally to painting Yzabel, I wanted to paint Coor. I didn’t have much of a clue what or who Coor was at the time, but it ended up being a magical sweater, mostly for the fun of it. Coor is a sentient being, able to communicate with telepathy (if he should so want, which I don’t think he does very much) and completely impossible to harm in any way. (You might ask; if he’s immune to all kind of harm, how come he’s so damaged? Answer is; he’s always been like that.) Bear in mind that he doesn’t necessarily protect whoever is wearing him, though. On this picture, left to right, you can see Yzabel battle-ready, performing, and travelling (as well as comforting and robbing a little lost child, who should’ve been slightly taller, methinks…). Her eyes are really ridiculous, and once again I’ve made the arms a bit too long, and the whole thing really could use some colour and shading. That aside, I hope you’ll enjoy her. Ooh, on a side note. I said I was going to make a character after the rules, right? I don’t really think I’m succeeding. ;P

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