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Elinor Kettle

You call me a trickster, a breaker of hearts. I challenge any one of you to emulate my art. It’s harder than it looks, tougher than you think, what do you know about breaking these links? When you outlive all of those you love, you learn to forget, then move on. You have no idea what it’s like, I have to be hard, I have to fight. Don’t get me wrong, I like how I live, I just wish others would understand and forgive, there’s no way I could change, I can’t go back, my hearts there waiting, it’s set its trap. I have to move on, as I always do, I have to forget, but know, I really did love you. Some turn bitter, others get mad, but the worst thing of all is when they’re sad, some really care, they think I’m the one, but I must turn my back, I can’t stay for long. I’ve perfected my grin, the wink of my eye, very few females care to pass me by. Long ago I learned that I must forget, live my life not looking back, with no regret, I’ve hardened my heart and hidden it away, to me any love is just a game I play. You stare at my eyes, look for my soul, but I tell you don’t look, they’re black and cold. Don’t look there, you wont like what you see, no one can know the real me. When I’m with you I’ll joke and laugh, this is the me you’ll see, my acceptable half. The other is wild, as the wolf, the untamed child, but more than that it nurses hate, is reviled. No one sees that side and they never will, it shows itself when the all else is still. Racing through woods and trees and moor, forever running, terrorising the poor. I revel in this freedom, my savage delights, The crunching of bone as I deal vicious bites. This is my wild self, when my soul is free. I run with the horses at the edge of the sea, pouring myself with their endless delights, their foamy white faces shine in the nights. Mix all of these diverse elements up, and you’d get who I was when with my mother, still a pup. I can barely remember, it was that long ago, and somehow I’ve separated, that much I know. It was a choice I made, either that or go mad, I couldn’t face the life I knew my father had had. It was the price I paid to seal off my heart, and though it sounds hard, it was just the start, it’s better than living a life of pain, no matter what you do there’s never a gain. For my life runs in circles, endless of course, there’s nothing that can end it, no otherworldly force, no way to escape this spiralling trap. I’ve learned to accept it, leaping every gap. My body is marked, as only an immortals can be, this fur of mine it’s been claimed by the sea, the sky has taken it’s share too, my blood is shared by all, it’s part of you. There’s not one part of me that I can call my own, all has been violated down to the most insignificant bone. Compromised in some way, then returned in my sleep, so I can continue to play and leap. I’ve learned to accept that this is my fate, I can never have a lifelong mate, never can I know the feeling of age, it feels wrong to be stuck always on the same page. There will be no turning of the leaf for me, no completion, just pure ecstasy. I drain my emotions in wild flight, there I surrender myself to the winds fearsome bite, I give up all feeling and knowledge too, that’s a much larger sacrifice than it would be for you.Do you still want to meet me now you know the score? I tell you I’ll be like this for ever more, I can’t change, I won’t change and never will, if you still want to taste me, come, drink your fill. If you think you can handle my lack of soul, my wildness, my anger, my inability to hold, if you’d still like to be with me, well then, come and see, come in, I’m always free. Come and spend some time with me, I’ll leave you in wild ecstasy, I’ll leave you with nothing, no love left to give, I’ll have gained naught, and you will have lost, I always extract the eternal cost, I take it then lose it or else I drown, I’ve been to each city, visited every town. You’ll always know the ones I’ve left behind, they look around with dreamy eyes, uncaring in rain or sun or snow, oblivious to the seeds that I’ve sown, they wander lost among those they should know, until eventually they feel they must go. Oh yes, I’m charming, it comes easily now, I can make any female break their eternal vow. With one look from me, they’ll melt away, and follow my footsteps any time of the day. I have my pick of all and any I choose, and unlike them, I have all of time to lose. I’m in no rush, time means nothing to me, just as rain means nothing to the sea, it tries to break that eternal swathe, but this huge body in which some bathe, receives it’s power from the moon, the heavenly mother has granted it that boon. So it is with me and time, I live in one eternal line, joined at each end, and never to break, I recline on the shores of the unchanging lake. With fear on one side, and joy in the tide, I am caught in the middle, unable to decide. So I push it all away, as we often do, I give up my ties and start to move. I roam with no purpose, live day by day. I try not be serious, why waste time? Just play. Live life to the full, and be glad it has boundaries, you know you can’t even outlast the smallest trees, why, be thankful for this bounty, for you know you can choose, there’s so much to give and everything to lose. Each movement you make is done for a reason, the way you live changes from season to season. I am happy as I am, I have learned how to live, but with this I have also forgotten to give. Yes I bring joy and a shiver to others hearts, but that’s just where the feeling starts, it grows in them and diminishes with me, until we may as well be separated by the sea. A huge gulf is seen, you notice the difference, our hearts, minds and souls are so unalike, the gap is immense. There is no way forward, only back, and I find I am yet again covering old tracks.Some see me as dark, my intent black, to them I can’t do right, constantly changing tack. I am a rogue, a trickster, a wanderer, a lover, others they spit when they hear my name, it’s whispered with the wind, I know not to what aim. It is ancient and as old as the hills, it ties me down, makes me account for all my kills. My name is a source of power for those, who know of my life, the things I chose. For although I’m tied down in almost every sense, they can use my name to call me hence, to briefly break my iron bonds and free me as fish leaping from ponds. I revel in the chase, when I run my heart will swell, they see in my eyes their own version of hell, I have never been outrun, each chase I have won, there is no limit to my staying power, I chase and run hour after hour. Those I target still try and fail, I see this run as one last flail, a useless struggle of something so frail, I can snap it with one crunch of my jaws, one blow of my paws and it is sent, to somewhere I can’t follow, and still it’s fellows feel sorrow? I don’t understand those who have life, to them they see living as one eternal strife. In my eyes I see the greatest joy, life’s for the living, not some toy. I understand that it can be hard, but a boring picture it would make were it not marred. You watch them struggle, and scheme and plan, but know that it’s always out of their hands. They have no control, there is no course, life cannot be guided like an old horse. It veers and sways, going this way and that, sometimes falling from the brink of the mat. I watch and laugh as their creations turn to dust, nothings eternal, crumble, everything must, even those things which have taken peoples souls, things that in life have left gaping holes. No matter how much effort is put in, the result will one day rest on a single pin.

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