Angels' Shadows

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Maja Ilisch

My first coloured illustration ever: Alexander's Coronation, taken from Angels' Shadows, Book One of the Elomaran Cycle. It took me one and a half year to finish it because I had trouble with the wings... Oil Pastels and Watercolours.

Published More than a year ago

Category Mythology

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The Visit

This one belongs to my friend ZOE, elfwood artist and poet, because when I wrote it, I knew I had to give it to her. Actually, that's all I can say about it. I don't know what it's all about myself. But I love it. And it's the first time I managed to write a sonnet in English.

My Best Friend's Blood

Don't worry about me if you read this. I'm only obsessed with a roleplaying character of mine, and - hey, do you know »Kult« (Death is only the beginning)? So this song actually was written by Gary Johnsson, ex-boygroup-singer, popstar, cocaine addict, who tried to kill himself when no one was buing his records any more and his manager and best friend vanished to the south sea with all of Gary's money... He wrote that song in hospital afterwards and wanted to make it the title song of his new album, but his producers thought it a little bit too hard - and so did I after I finished it...

The Ice Flute - Chapter Four

This chapter (or at least, the translation of it) is dedicated to those who proved me there are people around here in Elfwood who read my story, who encouraged me to go on translation and who advised me how to improve the story itself: Camille, Christina, Maria and Elyas. It's also for Monica who invented Galfas the Sorcerer and allowed me to use him. please note that both Sorcerers have not been inspired by Galfas or Merlin - the only hint on an existing Sorcerer is Morren's herbal tea - but his eyes are black, not yellow ...

The Dragons' Repose

This is a song from »The Ice Flute«, sang by Key when they get to a mountain range called the Glowing Highlands, which is what became of the dragons when they ... left.

Permitted Planet - Episode II

Enter the juvenile hero, followed by the senile one. Wait ... where have I seen this old man before?

A Ship called »Liberty«

If you wonder what a deportee's song like this has to do with fantasy ... just read it till the end, and then think about the narrator. There is also atune for it, but it will take me some time to get the notes scanned, so you'll have to do without for a while.

The Bride of Thoria

This is an old Gondrian folksong moaning the loss of the kingdom of Thoria, which was stolen by the Dark, with all people left to mindlessly roam the world ... forever? (It's from »Beyond the Fog Gate«, the sequel to »The Ice Flute«, just in case you wondered).

Cruel Sister

A modern-day version of an old folksong, also known by the name »The Two Sisters« or »Binnorie«. You'll find the tune for this one on the Pentangle-CD »Cruel Sister«.

The Fairy King

I thought it an idiotic idea when my friend Andrea suggested we should translate Goethe's »Der Erlkönig«, one of the most popular German ballads, into English - but when we did, it was great fun. The father won't listen when his son tells him the fairy king is beckoning ...

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