well...it's been a long time since i've been on here. a few years. i forgot all of my login info but thankfully the moderators were able to retrieve it. a few things have changed since then....i had a baby girl who is going to be a year old may 2010. i'm getting married in august. i no longer work for my family, i work for walgreens. since my ability level has risen i have deleted all of the old pictures that weren't up to par and kept the ones that show what i can do now. I like drawing (of course), music, dancing, exercising, taking pictures of my baby girl, being a mother in general Favourite movies harry potter, disney, alice in wonderland (old and new), buffy, avatar, pirates of the caribbean, matrix, superhero movies/tv shows, legend, nightmare before christmas, ANYTHING tim burton. we have "scifi fridays" at our house where we try and watch a different scifi themed show/movie each week. Favourite books harry potter, twilight (the books, not the movies), piers anthony, anita blake, greg bear, orson scott card (gotta love ender), sharon shinn. i'm always in and out of barnes and noble looking for new books. Favourite music i listen to just about everything...heavy metal: slipknot, metallica, a7x, etc. i love icp, twiztid, most of the psychopathic family. i LOVE musicals. and i'll listen to pop and country if i like the song.