Meg Rachor

Well, hello there, lost folks. I'm here, or maybe there. Regardless of the precise coordinates, I'm capable of talking. And writing, to some limited extent. So far, the focus has been Priors, because that is still in my head. The revamped prologue is up, and I am working (slowly!) on more. I will, of course, let my faithful few know when it is up :)  For now:Readable things are "Prologue- The Priors" and "Humpty Dumpty"Thing you shouldn't look at are all the "Assassin's Play" and "Not Quite Realms."If you read Assassin's Play/Not Quite Realms, be warned you may want to scrub your brain off afterwards. They are fairly old (one is from 2005-ish) and therefore, not the best writing-wise.  Man, it is good to be back!These people are old favorites, and I still love them to death: First off is one of the craziest people I know, Alice 'Muffin Girl' Smith. She is a great writer and is really funny to match it. If you've never heard of her and don't stop by after looking at that link, you have no idea what you are missing. You should also check out Chris A. Jackson because he is an amazing writer (trust me on this, go visit) and deserves all the attention he gets. Becca Lusher is also a favorite of mine, she is really good at writing AND commenting. If you want to be astounded, stop by and read all of her rather lengthy stories. Go make fun of Ray ~Phoenix Rising~ Krisman because he makes me laugh...But then again, that might just be because I am stupid. And also...Brian Saul. He's a pretty good guy, the writer of Elryn. Even if he doesn't update much, what he has up is more than worth visiting to read. There are others I know of, but I won't post them yet. The ones I remember are up, so if you think I'm honest and that I know what I'm talking about, drop by and read their stories. They are truly excellent writers, and you won't be sorry if you visit. Thanks for stopping by!   I like Everything under the sun. As my friend Rob once told me, "You're like the human version of Wikipedia. You know a lot, but need citations." Favourite movies Horror stuff - I love anything horror. Favourite music All of it?

Prologue- The Priors

The prologue to a story that is as yet untitled. Other than that, you have to read it to find out :)If you read, please comment. I'm working on how I write, and every comment helps :)

Humpty Dumpty's Tale

Well, I had a random idea...what if Humpty Dumpty didn't just fall...A really sad failed attempt at humor on my part ^_^