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Emily Arnould

Kazi, (pronounced kaaa-zee), will be a character in my third and fourth novels. She's Xicanti's adopted daughter, and was originally a poor, homeless waif living on the streets of Coruscant. The two first met when she tried to pick his pocket, and decided to stay together for a few years to see how it'd go. She's my cute little kid character, and has a great sense of humor and fun. The picture was sketched with a mechanical pencil during Spanish class, on the edge of my assignment sheet. I started with the eyes, intending to try Pikachu again, but quickly decided to attempt Kazi instead. This's how she came out.

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I'm fairly sure that I'm not satisfied with this one. Any suggestions that people may have are more than welcome.

The Doctor's Cure

I was recently inspired by the painting on the cover of my most recent journal, and this story was the result. I'm not sure if I'm satisfied with it or not. It's pretty much my first attempt at horror, and I wouldn't say it turned out well for that sort of thing at all. Having not read overly much horror, though, I can't be sure. I don't know. I hope you like it.

The Un-Story of Tiro

Like most of my Lysupi things, this one started out as one thing and ended up as another. Not much more to it than that. It probably means nothing, and it'll probably bore you to death, but I haven't posted anything new in a while so I thought I might as well stick it up here.

A Simple Reflection

I started writing this one a few nights ago out of sheer boredom. I intended it to be a sort of an essay on evil, from the point of my dear character Lysupi. It somehow twisted itself around until it was a story. It's written in journal form, as I felt that would be easier. I haven't done any editing on the actual narrative, and I probably won't. Lysupi is somewhat eccentric, and I think the inconsistencies should fit in well with his character. The 'Editor's Notes and Comments' are the only things I've actually added upon going back through it. Even tho I don't intend to alter it greatly, comments, advice, and constructive criticism are still greatly appreciated!


I was bored today during my gym-skipping period, so typed out a quick little poem. It's far from perfect, having been written in all of three minutes, but I figured I'd stick it up just for the sake of having something new. ;-) It'll tide you over till my monolith is edited, at least.

One Chance

I've got several versions of this piece. It was originally written quite a while ago - around two years, I think - and has recently been edited into it's current incarnation. It deals with Dog, one of my oldest consistantly used characters, and is a sort of reflection on his part. It's still not in its final form yet, of course, so suggestions for improvement are greatly appreciated.

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