Emily Bisset

Vendui'! Hi Everyone! For those of you who have been here before (oh the very few), Welcome back! Take a look at some of the new stuff I've put up and tell me what you think... for those of you who -don't- know me, well; I'm 17, I'm from Victoria in Australia and have lived here all my life except for the 2 months I spent in France... --- A bit about my writing --- Well! I write using a lot of Elves, though they mostly aren't Tolkien Elves like Galadriel etc but my own kind of hybrid version... My stories are becoming a LOT more complicated but a lot more Tolkenish now but an immense amount of my time spent planning (history, characters, intricate plot details etc) rather than doing homework... Most recent stories: Destiny, Land of the Golden Sun. I can't draw, so I'd really like to get someone who's good at drawing to give me their intrerpritation of some of my characters...


The Merging of the Clans of Heerin part 2

The second half of the Merging of the Clans, plus an appendix at the end!


This is set in the world Gullya. There were 5 different kinds of people, the Gullians, the Elves, the Kor, the Angels, and what are now known as the Forgotten. There are the five battles that they fight. There is one Keeper-of Peace.


It's set somewhere in the future, and much of the world's water has dried up, and everyone has gone back to poverty. Shardra decides to see if there's something better to life than just aimlessly travelling the desert, so she gathers together an expidition party to go south.


This is a fairly new story and I haven't quite decided on the name yet. Basically, there are 6 different characters that come from all corners of their world; Iadae and each are brought together by fate and must unite in order to survive. I'm not quite sure of the story line exactly yet but if you have any ideas of where it should go that'd help. =) Note: No offense is meant to be taken to anyone related to Gypsies (Romani's etc) it's none of it true! Yeah, so don't go off at me for using the stereotypical gypsy image because they're in Iadae, not.. here..

The Merging of the Clans of Heerin

Tyon sets out on a great quest without knowing it, uniting all the peoples of the land and leading them to victory against an old enemy

Different Sight

Erin is born blind, and when her father- a perfectionist to say the least - finds out, he takes her to the StormDragons to see if there is any way to make her normal. Gadreal, leader of the StormDragons assures him there is nothing they can do, but secretly entrusts Erin with 'MindSight' and the ability to read thoughts. Once her father sends her away, her periously journey begins. This is one of my few finished stories!


A story of young Orion living alone in a harsh world, where feral lions will hunt you down and men hold a 'harvest' to keep down the population of those they have bred within the walls of the 'nursery'. Orion meets Nevein and together they set out to see what lies beyond.

The Seven Day Festival

Kaylis'h is travelling with her father and her partner to her grandfather's house, far out in the bush, when a man dressed in white stepped out in front of the car. They swerve and crash off the edge of the road. Next thing she knows, Kaylis'h is talking to 'The Oracle'. She's lost her memory, and all that remains is her name. The Oracle tell her that she must venture from world to world- Eight of them, each day completing the Seven Day Festival, so she only has one day in each world to set things right.