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There are tales of a family. A family that lives far far away, no one knows for sure where. But there are tales, oh yes there are tales. Stories repeated into children's rapt faces as the firelight shimmers on their skin. Tales of Mother Earth, Father Time, and their children, Summer, Spring, Winter, and Autumn. Of course they're just stories, something to entertain on one of those curious nights while the seasons change. Just another story to tell the children before they sleep. She sat quietly waiting. Feeling the last of the summer sun's rays dance across her shoulders as it fell slowly into its resting place. Smiling into its brightness she wishes it farewell and a good rest. Her gaze falls into the flames that leap before her. She searches them for the answers, all the answers of the universe. For of course they're there, hidden, deeply within the burning coals. Waiting, always waiting, but the wait was almost over. She smiled. Her destiny was drawing nearer. She looked into the sky again, checking the progress of the sun. It continued to sink deeper, leaving deep red gashes across the sky. The flames leapt higher, devouring their offering. Her eyes seemed to drown in the fire. Falling deeper and deeper until she saw it. Saw the signal she'd been waiting for. Rising to her feet she stretched her arms to the side and began to dance. Slowly and first, then faster and faster, whirling in frenzy around the burning pyre. Her eyes caught those of her burning brother for a moment. Their connected gaze pulled with incredible intensity for a moment before it was broken with her dancing. And she still danced as the flames leapt higher. She danced, weaving Summer into Autumn. This was her destiny. This was her brother's destiny. This was her family's destiny. In a few months it would be her on that pyre. She would burn and Spring would dance. Spring would dance. Description by my dear friend Anna.

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