samantha stuart

As you wander through the elven woods you stumble upon a small oak you have never seen before the leaves were a soft new green and upon its bark you see a small inscription 'Welcome to my small tree home your welcome to come up. Simply climb the ladder.' You turn slowly beofre spotting the small rope ladder that seemed to dissapear up in the branches and leaves. Curiousity grips you and you slowly climb up the ladder. You break through the first layer of leaves on to gaze upon a small woman plump in size working in a large leather bound book. You clear your throat and she turns to you."Oh hello my name is Emerald Falcon or Emmy for short!  and who may you be my forest friend?"She waits for you to answer.... I like Role playing, Second life, WOW Favourite movies Doctor who, torchwood, true blood Favourite books Anne McCaffrey Favourite music


A lovely spiritual piece for the witches of the world.


A witch Before Her cauldren

Anubis and The Thief

a smal tale on how the gods still rule this world

Hunter and Prey

hunter becoming the hunted

Lord and Lady

I am a pagan and have been for many years. This poem is close to my heart and is one of my greatest treasures. I hope you all love it as much as I.

The Elvin Garden

A very special garden indeed

United Consequences

This is a fantasy story that takes place in a futuristic world that is corrupted by its goverment.