Erick Emert

Hi. The stories and poems that are posted here are drawn from the fantasy world of Erde that I created. If you've ever read stories about the missing ships and aircraft lost in the Bermuda Triangle you may wonder, as I did for many years, where did these people go? You might even have asked yourself why no one from there has ever shown up here? I've dedicated my time and talent to answering those questions and others like them. My work is about a young girl who grew up in the rainforests of southern Erde. Ultimately, through a series of misfortunes she ends up in America, trying to find a way back to her homeland. I've put a lot of work into background for these stories. I spent years crafting characters, places, languages, and a completely different native culture - The Vigroth. The work I put into Erde makes telling stories from there an easy venture, no matter where or when the stories take place within that world. I've posted a few of the stories here to give you a taste of the project. My work includes long and short stories, songs, character sketches and poems. If you'd like to see maps of Erde, go to my Lothlorien page here in Elfwood. I hope you enjoy my work. This is only a short selection. The rest will appear sometime in the future in the form of a published anthology IF I can find an artist who can relate to my work (very important to me) and grow as excited about the project as I am. More information on the creation of Erde is available at my Web site. Thank you.

Make 'em Gone

There was much happiness when Ahllie returned to the Weald and was reunited with her remaining Cord members. When she returned to the rebuild village of Thelra, however, there were memories to be dealt with. In Vigroth fashion, Ahllie spent one night in mourning. This poem came out of that night's feelings. (This poem was selected as Editor's Choice and published by Fantasy, Folklore, & Fairytales)

Fargthh's Curse

This is a firesong sung when visitors stop in the village of Thelra before travelling through nearby Kyrrell Swamp. It depicts a tale of valor yet foolishness and serves as a warning to those who would enter Kyrrell with no thought to the dangers found there. Ahllie's Papa sang this song many times at local gatherings. As the singer, he used dramatic facial expressions and hand movements along with a clear, bold voice. {This poem was published by Freelance Writers Net)

Empress Barb Visits the Weald

A few years back, I spent a lot of time with a group of people from the on-line Writing Chat Coffee House, an E-mail list for writers who wanted to chat about other issues aside from writing. One of the fun things about the Coffee House was every Friday you could submit a short-story or poem for the group to read. I met a lot of good people there and made many friends. Most of my early 'Weald' poems and stories were first offered to this group during those Friday night sessions. People who've read my stories over the years have harbored a wish to visit the Weald. One of the members from this group and I decided to try co-authoring a Weald story together where she would do just that. Barb Hampton is an excellent story teller as is clearly shown in the following work. Barb wrote her speaking parts in the story and I wrote the parts concerning the Weald, travel, Ahllie, and Ahllie's Cord. Barb's story is true. She's a wondrous woman who went through a bad experience at a young age. I hope you enjoy her visit as much as we enjoyed writing it. Oh, bring a tissue... it's one of those kind of stories.

Coming of Age

Ahllie was eight at the time - in the manner in which one would count the journeys of the sun. For half her life she had anticipated this event. This night she would be leaving her parent's Rirchet Cordstead and movining into her own Cordstead with her Lobot brothers and sisters. This ceremony was the single most identifying moment in the life of a Vigroth child. Lobot Cord had spent the past six years growing and learning. During that time they acquired the incredible focus of 'Rock' and the powerful DeepChat skills of Gibwa Rach, learned through 'Mirror'. Even at this age they continued their training as they mastered the Vigroth skills used in attack and defense through such games as 'Seek,' 'Go-Find,' and 'Sprawl.' Since childhood they ate, swam, shot bow, wrestled, played, ran, laughed, cried, and learned together as they experienced each other in ways it would be hard for OutSiders like us to understand. Yet by shinedown each day they were back in their parents Cordstead so they could watch the examples of their elders and thus remove any doubt as to the value of the Vigroth ways. We need not go into the preparations, their dress, nor the background of the ceremony. Ahllie shall simply sing it for you in her own words, exactly as she sang it that night. (This poem was published by Fantasy, Folklore, & Fairytales)