Hey! you! yes you! Ok now that I have you're attention. Ahem : 'The lack of new pictures in this section can be explained by a numerous number (ok thats just silly) of facts : 1-New section at elfwood hence putting all effort to fill it up. 2-Creation of a new comic strip (more of a mix between a comic strip and a comic book lenght-wise) for a mud (multi-user dungeon) magazine that released the 4th of august. 3-My lack of imagination.' I have dropped a couple of pictures from the comic. For the most part, their some conception sketches. A couple are colored. If you really wanna see my new stuff. Go to my fan art gallery! Here's the people I admire the most in the woods : Stephanie Pui-Mun Law (In my opinion the best artist in all of the woods!) Julie Dillon (A great teacher and artist, her tutorials are very helpful for the beginners as well as for the intermediates) Well actually theres too many better artists than me out there for me to name them all (you should see my favorites folder) ... 06-10-01 - I have absoluptly no time to do new stuff, since I'm working on an RPG hence doing pixel art, and making the next comic strip for the mud companion and with college and all. But still I managed to upload a couple of character concept art for the RPG.