Emily Evans

In my many pensive moments I have often gazed down at my own hands and pondered at what makes them unique. What is it about them that enables me to draw, paint, and sculpt as others cannot? While sketching I have come to the conclusion that it is not a mere skill of the hand, but rather an intrinsic perception that allows me to catch the lines, shapes, and shades of life and transmute them into gray strokes on paper. I have been working with this aptitude my entire life. I do art because it is a part of myself that i can give to the world. That is my goal with my works; to get my perception out so that others may enjoy it as much in their lives as much i have enjoyed having it as part of my life. That was a bunch of mumbo jumbo that i tell people when they ask about my art. Alrighty, it is time for an update i believe. I am a freshmen in college and am trying to formulate some long term goals. So far, I have only reached three conclusions 1: being blessed with talent is a curse because it is not in any way a lucrative field unless one is a genius and beyond 2. society is EVIL 3. hermit crabs and fish make excellent pets. Given these conclusions i have decided to write a series of fantasy novels (will i NEVER learn???). This is the part where all of you, my fellow talented elfwood artists, come in. I need an editor, someone to give me constructive critisizm (sp)and make small grammatical adjustments. (and yes, i realize that i am making this proposition in the wrong section of elfwood, but i don't have a wyvern's library spot and i don't have anything to post there so this is going to have to do) If you are interested in being part of something great just leave your email through a message and i will get back to you asap. THANKS!