Emma O Reilly

Fáilte!Or welcome, if you'd prefer.The last time I uploaded anything here was two years ago. That's...a tad strange. Most of my art is here (www.whapish.deviantart.com) now, because my art moved in a different direction of its own accord! But elfwood has meant so much to me. This is where I took my first steps towards being an artist...and my sister after me. It's sad that I've grown apart from it...but I'll try to come back every once in a while. I'll leave these links here...cos they're still all awesome.Snuffles the Orc!Just like a fine wine...she gets better with age. ^_~The Evil Overlord! leader of all Undead Ninjas! Surrender your soul now or she'll take it anyway! Not only is she a kick ass Overlord, a nice person, and a big fan of Ewan McGregor, she's also one heck of an amazing artist.Sanna Luotonen! Gaurenteed to make your jaw drop!Wolfy! Why are you still here? Go see her!Stessi! All around rockin' artist, and cool person!Leanna! Funky angels galore!Greig!A ninja, A great artist, and a great writer. And guess what? He has a shiney new website for you to check out here! Oooo, shiney... Jessica! Art so beautiful, you'll forget to be jealous!Make sure you visit her Deviantart link too, a lot of her work is there now.Rachel!If you don't fall completely in love with her art, there's something wrong with you! And for even more of her fantabulas art (and details how you can get your lucky hands on some of it)go visit her private gallery!Melster! You'll laugh, cry...and then cry some more because her art is so trippy! Hannah O Reilly My Rockin' sister.Then we also have Kyle! So....I guess all I have left to say is a huge thank you to the elfwood community for encouraging me when I was younger, for teaching me how  to appreciate and create it for myself...this place, at one this gallery and the people I met through it  was the only thing that got me through the day. So Thanks to all of you who left comments and interacted with me, you've meant the world. Emma