Emily Grist

I started writing when I was 12. Like nearly all writers I don't think I'm very good. Unlike successful writers I didn't keep trying. I had great ideas but I was really young and sensitive to criticism so I didn't really go anywhere.That being said I enjoyed Elfwood immensely. I learned a little bit how to code to make my profile amazing and I bent over backwards to please the mods here!The site has changed a lot since I arrived and it's a little cold and drafty, but it's home nonetheless.I have mostly been playing games and moving about from place to place. I'm not a reliable source of writing material anymore, though I would love to one day write a book... I like Reading, writing, gaming Favourite books His Dark Materials, Beasts, Venus as a Boy, and a hundred others. Favourite music Nine Inch Nails, A Perfect Circle, Metallica, Massive Attack, Blue October, Michael Jackson, Prince, David Bowie, Bruce Springsteen, Jay-Z, Ne-Yo, and a hundred others as well.

The Blood and Sensuality of Man

Greek Mythology spoof, but all my original work. Needs some fixing up, so some criticism would be nice. Written on October 9th, 2004.

She Swallows Tears

Sometimes it just depends on what Fate and Destiny has on for us. It's updated (again), the original update was lost in the Elfwood crash, but no worries! Anyway, it's the old 'Fate's One Savior'. Enjoy the newness.

Soul Sipping

'Let me sip your soul from a Styrofoam coffee cup.' I love little clips of inspiration.

Ribbons of Lace

Updated, again. I changed the title from 'The Sounds of Lace', because I want to use that title for a different story. Same thing, basically.


He's not a Hobbit, so what is he? Muffin Girl, I used 'Happy Happy' as a topic.

Vision of Depth

Updated Version This was one of my first pieces, and I'm still very proud of it. This is a riddle, by the way. It's already been guessed, but you can try and figure it out... it actually varies in answers.

The Wizard's Library

What used to be 'The Stone Chalice' but that name made no sense. Therefore, it has become, 'The Wizard's Library.' I realize it's long, but it's a real 'page turner.' (Or, Internet scroller.) I'd appreciate you to read this, or even the beginning. It's unfinished, this is only the first chapter... I don't know where it's headed. I need comments though. I need ideas. Or maybe not at all. I will leave you in mystery. Oh, and I realize that some of the names are from Greek Mythology. I knew Pandora was, but I hadn't realized Sileni was until I looked! The only thing Greek Mythos related is that Pandora is curious. No, she is not the first woman...

Project KAGJ

I finally finished editing this! It's all shiny and new now ^_^ Have a read, I think it's way better and more clear. This story is set in present time. Not future.

Licorice Shadow

Updated. A world of white, burning light. A single black shadow. I wonder what lies within its dark creases of chocolate...? Dedicated to Alex McAlvay.

Background Laughter

Updated. This is a whole different world unknown to us miserable, unhappy people. The motto of the people in this story: Bring death to those unhappy.

Naked Train Station

I love the reactions I have to thise story, so keep them coming. Usually every one of them is, 'This is the type of story that keep you up at night, wondering.' I hope it really does. ^^ As for an explanation, since I know not many people will totally understand this, Danny is under a curse. You know how we're all supposed to find 'the one'? Well... he can't. Or, if he did... he lost her...

He Wore a Mask

This is the 'G-rated' version of this story, edited and revised to be appropriate. If you want the actual original, feel free to e-mail me. The story takes place in a sort of medieval setting, where people celebrating the making of Mystery and Creation. This is what the party is about. The story isn't half as good in this form, I'll admit, but it's something.

How to Become a Princess

A guide to becoming a pretty, spoiled rotten princess.

Lips and Iron Nails

I dedicate this to my love, Remote! Little bit I've been working hard on... very short. Very, very short. Who votes I continue this!? There's Bishi in heeeree...

Pick up the Glass Pieces

I needed to write a romantic piece that was obscure fantasy. Glass hearts. Blue hearts. Melting hearts. Hearts made of dust. They break all the same.

I Loved You

Luciole Loong's picture is here. Picture = inspiration. Think vampire.

A Black Flower

This is for Damien R. Tauri, a wonderful writer who I suggest you go visit immediately. I wrote this on his request, since I never write poetry and he says I should. I don't think this is very good, but then again, I don't really like poems. About a dryad and her tree dying. I think it's got potential... By the way, I made up two words. 'Skyless' and 'Nightless.' Yes. I am the female version of Shakespeare. But not really.

The Faery Jar

My saddest and most favored story in this gallery =P It's about a faery and a little boy and his father... Agh, just read it. I've edited it to a perfect polish :) Finally. Caric did an illustration on this, which is located here.

Black Soot Lover

I had to write a 'hero' story for my English class, and so I wrote this because I've never written a story about dragons before (not up close and personal at least). But, then I saw 'Reign of Fire' (after I turned this in and got graded), and it really broke my heart... This story is almost exactly like that. I'll have to be more original next time then.

Colored with Grays

A black and white world with only one black and white fairy who has the gift to give color. 'Leafrough.' Pronounced 'Lee-ah'-'fro.'

Numb Chapter One

Uhm. I gave it a new title and decided to write more about this. Bwha.

I'm Simply Dead

Excerpts: 'I see the world in different colors, yet with the same labels.' 'The sidewalk is my friend.' 'He tells me pretty words all the time. Words that begin with 'I' and form with 'L' then end with 'Y.'' This speaks to me. I hope it reaches out to you. It's kind of like a diary, you know?

Flowery Resurrection

I updated it. I can't believe the mistakes in there... I used Greek Mythology's Adonis as a set-up for the character Adonis in here. What can I say? I love Adonis. My own work. Just some silly romance story I wrote awhile ago...

Malkabob Trail

Dedicated to Pete Anderson. He read the first part and gave me the title, so kudos to him. Don't read the ending without reading everything else or it just ruins the story! I really like this story. It took me awhile, and I'm proud of its moral. Some of it still needs work in the description department, but overall, I'm really happy with it, though some comments would be nice. It's really just about... fate. Also, I have to admit that Mountain somewhat reminds me of Link the the N64 game, 'The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time'. But that's okay :) Link is my hero... <3

Dark Junkie

The screenplay is better.

Twisted and Beautiful

Updated! I always wanted to write about ghosts. I realize this is an extremely fast-paced story, but I didn't want to spend a lot of time making these two characters simply chit-chat. I left most of everything up to the reader, and I got straight to the point. Maybe, one day, I'll write something of a prologue to this.

End of Imagination

I wrote it for the October 2003 Woodworks contest (I lost), which was write a story about the Boogeyman... well, here's just a story I've been thinking about, and now had a purpose to write! Please try not to crush my ego with criticism X.x Inspired by Linkin Park's 'Nobody's Listening' and Woodworks for pushing me to write it :) The End of Imagination by Vic Alfieri is the poem to this.

Cerulean Story

Name Pronounciation: Marques: Mar-kees. Mytga: Might-Gah Gylrea: Gil-Raye The two stories being told link to each other, hence the reason for splitting it up. Ever wonder what would happen if an angel had their halo ripped away? Ever wonder what would happen if you had to relive nightmares? Would you react differently? Would you surivive long enough?

Making Wings Come True

I'm going to have to dedicate this to Kayla XD our sweet idealist in her own modern fantasy world! She is what free's my soul; she is the one who puts up with me; and she's a person who wants to fly. Here you are Kayla, something to help you in making your wings come true :)

In Your Soul

Updated. A story based on a dream I had.

This is What Happens

I've dedicated this to Vic Alfieri, who wrote the stunning poem Embroidered Memories in my own dedication. I'm truly aware that this is just a big block of ramblings. I was trying a new kind of writing style (which I believe I've decided not to stick with), and I was venting. Enjoy my morbid self, once again.