Erin Schmidt

Welcome to my little online bestiary. These screwy animals are the result of a long-time fascination with the beasts and monsters of mythology and contemporary fantasy, filtered through my twisted imagination and served lightly breaded with a side of onion rings. I am inspired by art, literature, film, television, music, mundane events and conversation, intermittent random bursts of creativity . . . hell, the breeze shifts, I'm inspired. As for the tortured artist behind all this nonsense: I'm female; average height, weight, and appearance; I'm twenty-three years old, and I've been successfully ignoring 'the real world' for all that time. Coincidentally, I write, as well. Go check out my Wyvern's Library page. Most Recent Update: August 19th, 2004. This dragon showed up in my head and nagged me 'til I drew him. This happens more often than you might think.