October 2007 Welcome to my gallery in the Woods.  I’m an aspiring comic book writer and artist, working on way too many projects and ideas!  On top of my own projects, I’m also a multimedia illustrator for the US Army, and a college student, wife and soon to be mother of two…so my life is so busy right now!  I miss the many days and hours I use to spend laboring over my drawings and stories, but I think they will be more fulfilling now when I finish them.  Your stories will improve if you live life and experience new things, so I’m content with my life.  It’s the main reason why I joined the army, as the only way I can afford to travel the world and serve my country. My sister and I have been working on making a comic book since we were in elementary school, so I'm going to start posting our work in progress. :)  It is known as the Catty Project, and you can also see our work posted on the Tokyopop website at http://www.tokyopop.com/armyerin/.  Please check it out! I like Urban Fantasy stories, Manga, Comic books, Anime, wolves, clowns, babies (though just recently since I had one,), sculpting goblin heads, sightseeing in Germany, eating cultural food, books, books, and more books! And don’t get me started on fantasy and sci-fi artwork… Favourite movies Umm...where to start? I love cultic or surreal movies like Donnie Darko, 12 Monkeys, Legend, Labrynth, etc., but I also like movies that are not so well known such as The Company of Wolves, High Spirits, and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. Favourite books Neil Gaiman is my favorite author, both comics wise and novel wise at the moment. I also really like Charles D' Lint. Basically, I love the whole Urban Fantasy movement, or fantasy that takes place in our world and is unseen by most people.